We know employment, co-determination, pension and privacy law. We have obtained this knowledge through our lengthy work experience in leading Dutch and English law firms and international companies.

Our employment practice is divers. Employment law is, among others, law on termination of employment, which we practice. But our expertise also covers advising and litigating on amendment of employment conditions, collective labour agreement issues, occupational accidents, disability, work permits and reorganisations. And we are well versed in issues around Works Councils and corporate governance.

Our pension law practice comprises the entire area of pension law: advising and litigating on indexation, division of responsibilities, value transferral, the consequences of IFRS-accounting, pension agreement and pension regulations and execution agreements.

Privacy law includes the processing of personal data. This may be data on your employees, but also on your customers. We advise you on how to process personal data without infringing the applicable laws. We advise for instance on camera footage, whistle-blowing procedures and screening of email, the right to inspect documents or marketing issues. We have an excellent track record on how to deal with international data transfer in case of for example outsourcing or foreign court orders, including BCRs. This includes advice on bank secrecy for financial institutions. We assist you with your notifications to the Dutch data protection authority.

We also offer assistance with making and keeping your business compliant in the areas of employment, pension and privacy law. We give tailor made trainings. This may concern recent developments, or trainings aimed at conveying basic or in depth knowledge on issues that are affecting your business or your branch. Our quick-scan of all HR, pension and privacy documents (for example: the employment agreement, code of conduct, employee handbooks and policy on whiste-blowing, pre-employment screening and email usage) keeps your documents up to date and compliant. We also develop products for you. Such as a database with need-to-know information, useful Q&A’s and online training. This for a fixed fee.