Super specialists in the field of employment law, employee participation law, pension law and privacy law.

- Areas of law that require specialist knowledge.

Why SteensmaEven?

SteensmaEven consists of experienced lawyers with a clear solution-oriented approach. We are experts in our field.

A sustainable relationship with our clients is our priority. We are therefore proud to have been working with many of our clients for a long time.

Our people

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Employment law – Employee participation law - Privacy law - Pension law

Employment law

We mainly advise and litigate for employers. We focus, among other things, on collective bargaining law, transfer of undertaking, strikes, international and European law, individual and collective dismissal law, (retrenchment of) employment conditions and disability.

Employee participation law

We act for both companies and works councils in the field of employee participation law. For example, we guide entrepreneurs in complex change processes. How far does information law go and does the works council have the right to consent in the event, for example, of changes to a variable remuneration scheme?

Privacy law

We advise and litigate on privacy law. We support companies in, among other things, the way in which they can handle customer and employee data. What is possible? Where are the limits? And what are the consequences if rules are not properly followed? We can help with the development of tailor-made policies. And supervise discussions with the privacy regulator, the Dutch Data Protection Authority, for example in the context of a permit process.

Pension law

Our pension law specialists know the complex pension system and are happy to advise you on pension issues. SteensmaEven represents employers, works councils, pension administrators and pensioners’ associations on matters such as indexation, task demarcation issues, value transfer, the consequences of the IFRS accounting rules, pension agreements, pension regulations and administration agreements.


Mediation is a way of dispute resolution which, in practice, can no longer be ignored. The mediator’s efforts are aimed at improving communication between parties, making their underlying interests visible and guiding parties in finding an acceptable solution. The mediator encourages them to provide the creative building blocks for this. All this as an alternative to going to court. Sometimes a court procedure is unavoidable, often this is time-consuming and costly.


Our lawyers often provide training on various topics, such as privacy in the workplace, employee participation, file structure and transfer of business. We provide training for HR managers, HR departments and MT members, but also for works councils, lawyers and accountants. The training courses are of course tailored to your organization.

Cases or complex issues do not take national borders into account.


SteensmaEven has extensive international experience and a large international network. In cases of an international character we always work together with trusted and well-known lawyers within and outside Europe. SteensmaEven coordinates and promotes your international interests and the various externally engaged lawyers and advisors remain involved in the process of guaranteeing quality from start to finish.

Does your company comply with the law?

This is about more than just complying with rules. Our experts think along at a strategic level and support you in, for example, setting up an efficient company that is "compliant". Consider, for example, a quick scan of all HR, pension and privacy documentation, but also an efficient classification of your company with a view to applying employee participation, mandatory industry pension funds and applicable collective labour agreements.